Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

Doctors Who Keep You Alive

In order to maintain health in life, it is necessary to have regular check-ups and that if you are a chronic patient, you take care of everything yourself. Medicross is a private clinic that has doctors for everything you need. We offer a range of private medical, dental, complimentary services. Our wide range offers family medical centers, dental, located in South Africa.


Whatever you need from analyzes, examinations, or routine examinations, scanners, tooth extractions, you can find with us. Our doctors have a lot of practice and are deservedly placed in the place of the best in the clinic. They can be trusted, and we are a private clinic, so you have to schedule an appointment so you don’t have to wait. When the examination is scheduled, know that you can wait a maximum of 15 minutes to be admitted, because this is not an ordinary hospital, as a state hospital, to wait for examinations for several hours. You need to bring some documentation to have an insight into your health condition. You can always ask to change your doctor or arrange further examinations. Everything that bothers you, that you have any problem, with us you can fix it and the problem will disappear.

Medicross is the best clinic for maintaining your health. We offer everything you need from medicines and a wellness center for relaxation. We take care of our employees and always provide them with only the best working conditions.

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