Pflueger Spinning Reel

Pflueger Spinning Reel

The Benefits Of The Pflueger Spinning Reel

Pflueger is a brand that has been around since 1881, founded by Ernest Pflueger. To begin with, it was a small business that only produced fish hooks. The enterprise in later years started to produce fishing reels, and by 1916, the first Pflueger Baitcast reel was released.

It was from here that the Pflueger brand became extremely popular. Today, this company is still one of the leaders in fishing equipment production. These products are commonly used by many professional anglers across various tournaments and competitions.

Pflueger Spinning Reel

Pflueger produces products for the most demanding anglers that are happy to pay for premium quality fishing gear. The product line covers the Pflueger spinning reel, along with other reel types including trolling, baitcasting, and fly reels, along with many combinations with the reels.

Pflueger Spinning Reel – President Spincast Fishing Reel

The spin cast is one of the cheapest and easiest reels in this range. In this particular category, the Pfluger President is the best reel. Unlike many of the spin-cast reels that only feature one pin, this reel comes with 2 titanium pins. This fantastic feature enhances the durability and strength of the reel.

The construction of this reel is made from durable, yet lightweight aluminum. The cone and frame feature a corrosion-resistant coating, while the soft-rubber knob offers the ideal grip, positioned on a robust aluminum handle.

In addition to the strong spool-applied drag, this reel comes with an instant anti-reverse function. The drag is powerful and smooth, and can easily handle a 6 to 7 pound Bass without any issues.

The 5 ball bearings also provide enhanced performance and smoothness. This is a particularly impressive addition since it is not common to find more than 2 to 3 bearings when it comes to most of the spin-cast reels on the market.

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