Quotes When Being Emotional

Quotes When Being Emotional

Balancing Emotions

People are oftentimes surprised by sudden waves of sadness as if they expected to forever feel happy. However, both feelings of sadness and happiness are feelings that go away eventually, because these two feelings are on the same spectrum of emotions, yet they are so distant from each other. Both feelings of sadness and feeling of happiness are extremes, which means that one must be followed by another, and vice versa.

Sad Quotes

If you have trouble explaining how you feel about something that makes you sad, then you can look up sad quotes and simply use them to express your feelings. There are many great poets who were able to capture some of the strangest feelings that one person can feel, hence allowing you to make some sense out of your current problem. These quotes help us feel more normal, better, and simply they help us grieve. The process of grieving is also really important because this is the part where our soul begins to heal. You should not neglect your emotions and avoid them because sooner or later you will have to deal with them. As already written, sadness is extreme emotion that will be followed by extreme happiness, however, you should know that you need balance more than anything else.

Happiness sometimes is overrated, and you should not aim for being utterly happy all the time, but you should want to be in sync and balance with your emotions. Only then you will know how to understand what life truly is about.

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